Ibadan City

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Ibadan is an ancient yoruba city, it was established by the collective of different yoruba warriors with the hierarchical form of leadership, from Mogaji (head of family quarters) to the positions of Ekarun Olubadan, Ekerin Olubadan, Eketa Olubadan, Osi Olubadan, Balogun, Otun Olubadan, then Olubadan the paramount ruler of Ibadanland (also called iba in the past)

Eko (Lagos) City


Modern-day Eko (Lagos Island city) is now a part of Lagos state in Yorubaland.

It is bounded on the west by the Republic of Benin, to the north and east by Ogun State with the Atlantic Ocean providing a coastline on the south. Lagos is made up of a collection of islands surrounded by creeks that fringe the mouth of the Lagos lagoon on the southwest. It is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a stretch of loosely connected barrier islands and sand spits, it was founded by the Yoruba Awori, who identify thier root in Ile Ife.

City of Ile Ife

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Ile Ife, also known as Ife, is an ancient Yoruba city in Yorubaland.

Ile Ife is said to be dated back around 500 B.C. when it was founded and is the oldest Yoruba city, Ile Ife is the city where the Yoruba believe their civilization began.

It is presently part of Osun State and has an estimated population of 501,000 people. Ife is home to one of Nigeria’s most prestigious universities, Obafemi Awolowo University, as well as the Natural History Museum of Nigeria.  Ife is also a prominent regional agricultural center for a surrounding area that produces vegetables, grain cacao, tobacco, and cotton.

Other Yoruba Cities

Idanre City


Idanre City of great mountains and hills, with lots of tourists attractions, located in Ondo State, Yorubaland.

Abeokuta City

Abeokuta city, Yorubaland

Other Yoruba Cities

Warri City


Warri is a Yoruba Itsekiri port city, also known as Iwerre, located in the Delta of River Niger, it comprises of Warri North, Warri South, Warri South West and Sapele LGAs, their paramount kingship title is called Olu of Warri which means “the Paramount” or the Paramount king of Warri, when translated from Yoruba language. 

Because the Itsekiri people are one of the coastal tribes of the larger Yoruba ethnic nation, just like the Ilaje and Ijebu people, the Itsekiri people are predominantly fishermen.

Their language is a Yoruba dialect and they never denied their link with Yoruba, in fact they are part of Yoruba Nation emancipation

Ijebu Ode

Ijebu Ode city, Yorubaland

Other Yoruba City

Jebba City

Jebba is one of Yorubaland border towns in Kwara state by the River Niger, where the indigenous Yoruba people are dominantly fishermen and farmers.​


Lokoja is Yoruba border city at the confluence of River Niger and River Benue by the north east part of Yorubaland, it was founded by the Oworo people who have their root in ile ife.
The indigenous Oworo people are predominantly into fishing and farming.


Ilorin city, Yorubaland