Today, is one of the saddest days of my life.

That l will be standing before the
International Community to announce the separation of the Main Body of ILANA
Omo Oodua from it ALANA, Professor Adebanji Akintoye, is Unbelievable, but
Unfortunately True.

This is because, at the end of the day, no single individual is greater than it’s

We have been in this Struggle to have a Nation of our own, along with other
Nations entrapped in One Nigeria, since Year 2000.
We started as PRONACO, became MNN, ( Movement for No Nigeria) and finally,
when our Alliance Protocols were in place, became NINAS ( Nigerian Indigenous
Nationalities Alliance ) on December 11th 2018 Freedom Park, Lagos.

We came into contact with Professor Akintoye just before the Freedom Park
Proclamation and we felt he would be a worthy Leader for us, as he had been a
History Professor in America for 25 years. Even though he had served as a Senator
before traveling abroad we believed he had been purged of all Nigerian political

He took us to Pa Ayo Adebanjo, who also approved of our blueprint to
liberate the trapped Nations of One Nigeria.

However at that time, we didn’t know that in their SMB Forum they had already
endorsed Alhaji Atiku for President, believing that he would at least restructure the

It was Prof Akintoye who saw through Atiku that it would be business as usual
with just cosmetic changes that will not really affect the lives of the average

He then got in touch with us again in 2019 and we started working on the
NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure blueprint together, even though by that time
we had done the 2018 Freedom Park Proclamation, The Memo to the President and
taken our case to the international community particularly USA and UN.

To his credit, he provided great Leadership, for which we will be forever grateful.

But, unknown to us, somewhere along the line, he went back to his first love
POLITICS, and Politics played in the One Nigerian Way. This started to manifest
as a desire to be the Father of all Yoruba Self-Determination groups, which
included those hedging their bets, those out to line their pockets, outright politicians out to use ILANA as a political structure, and most dangerous of all, political jobbers out to destroy ILANA at the behest of the Fulani Cabal.

It was a long and arduous process to gain international recognition. One of the
undertakings, is not to get involved in Nigerian politics. International partners
started asking questions.

We spoke to Prof Akintoye to no avail that all these groups were just out to
leverage on his good will and his desire to see all Yorubas united.
We were forced to start the onerous process of disowning all these groups one by

Global Directorate, Strategic Alliance, G8, Yoruba Self-Determination Movement,
Voice of Reason etc.

All of them seeking to, at best, subsume ILANA or working
for One Nigeria.

Even IPOB, when they saw what was going on, tried to muscle in
on ILANA, particularly during our Rallies, both on the Homeland and at the
United Nations General Assembly.

Not unexpectedly, around this time, allegations, accusations and counter
accusations of monies being paid to Prof Akintoye, either directly or through
proxies started to surface.

As loyal lieutenants we started by defending him, but the
avalanche of accusations got to a stage that we had to adopt the strategy of least
said, soonest mended.

We already knew that we were in dire straits, with
allegations of financial malfeasance chipping at Prof Akintoye’s integrity, ILANA’s
structure under bombardment, we started warning Prof that we cannot allow him to
endanger the struggle for a Yoruba Nation but Prof Akintoye wouldn’t listen.

He instead started telling us that he installed us and can remove us.

Meanwhile, when we mutated from YWC to ILANA, the seven Exco members who moved with him
extracted an agreement from him that the seven would continue to operate as his
cabinet till ILANA was firmly rooted.

Prof broke the agreement and started to
bring in people with no knowledge of our commitment to the struggle.
In the midst of all these problems, the subtle queries from our international
partners and our UN affiliates continued.

The queries were along the lines of : “Are
you sure your Leader is in not working with Nigerian Politicians?” They reminded
us that Ilana must be apolitical and eschew violence.

All these we reported to Prof. Akintoye.
So we were already on the brink of the precipice when this straw that broke the
camel’s back manifested.

On the morning of Friday, the 6th of August 2021, l got a call from Dr Gbenga
Adeyeye, the South Africa Coordinator, that Prof Akintoye was about to remove
Shola Salako, our Diaspora Coordinator.

l asked why, He claimed he did not know, but that all he knows is that if Prof tries it, we won’t be able to contain the
backlash, as 80% of the Diaspora will stand with Shola Salako.

He asked me to do something about it and I agreed and said I will call Prof. Before
l could call Prof, a call came in from Bolarinwa Oladimeji, German Coordinator.

He more or less said the same thing as Dr. Gbenga Adeyeye. On asking his advice
on the way forward, Bolarinwa Oladimeji suggested that we split Shola Salako’s
portfolio into two, giving Dr. Adeyeye the job of coordinating the Diaspora, whilst
Shola Salako retains the Diplomatic side of the role, I told him to let me think it
through and call him back.

I thought it through and realized that whatever was at the root of this problem,
these two coordinators and maybe a few others had met and decided on a solution
that suited them.

Now my main concern was not to derail our Struggle for Freedom.

Shola Salako’s main value to the cause was her ability to deal on our behalf, with

At the same time, we cannot afford a Diaspora
crisis. So l bought into the idea. I called Prof to give me a few hours to wade into
the issue before he makes his announcement. He agreed.

I then called Shola and told her everything.

She initially said she was leaving, but l made her realise that
the struggle comes first, she should remember her years of hard work and
commitment, she agreed to the separation of powers. I called Dr Adeyeye and he
agreed to become the Diaspora administrator. I also called Bolarinwa Oladimeji
and he was happy with the solution.

Finally, l called Prof and he also accepted the
Separation of powers.

We had peace for a few weeks and the problem reared its head up again,
culminating in the political solution applied by Professor Akintoye to the English
Chapter Akin Wilson and Shola Salako.

For the sake of clarity, Shola Salako remains our Diaspora lead as International Secretary and those who are for the
Yoruba struggle will continue to work with her and her team. Ilana is a self-
determination organization, nothing else! It cannot be turned into a political group
as this would set the struggle back at least 20 years and who knows when next the
Yoruba will get another golden opportunity for freedom.

Like l stated earlier, we cannot jeopardize the struggle for our freedom.
We are midstream and millions of lives are at stake.

The NINAS Project affects the whole of the Alliance Territory. ILANA is a key driver of the NINAS blueprint in

It has also been so documented at the United Nations. NINAS has
gone beyond being the Project of one or two persons.

It is now a Movement that has developed a life of its own and will continue no matter who falls by the

Ladies And Gentlemen, we cannot allow Prof Banji Akintoye to truncate the
Dreams of Millions of people.

So as of Today 18 November 2021, ILANA Omo
Oodua is stepping aside from Prof Banji Akintoye, freeing him to become the
Father and Supreme Commander of the Amalgamated Self-Determination Groups.

Thank you all for your time and attention.


Ọtunba Shade Olukọya.
On behalf of
ILANA Ọmọ Oòduà.
18th November, 2021.

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